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Karnkanok Vill 10 Sanpakwhan
Chiang Mai - Hang Dong road
ราคาเริ่มต้น 2.5 ล้านบาท
Tel. 053 442 424

          The Latest design by Karnkanok Co., Ltd. With Cast in Place construction. This is new technology for construction which will help you reduce your cost but still get moer quality than other construction. Beautiful and elegance amidts warmth. Every customers can possess our house in reasonable price.

Advantages of Cast in Place construction
- Time saving
- High Quality
- Economize
- Strengthen
- Prevent water leaks
- Electrical resistance
- Splendor
- Roomy
- Prevent noise pollution
- No pollution
- Can construct everywhere
- reduce maintenance cost

Project Plan

Napakarn A1
          Napakarn A1 is an exquisite house design by Cast in Place construction, using premium materials up to the universal standard. Each house was designed by professinal architects. Inspired by "Modernize", reflect notability by Monotone color.Each house was arranged 145 sq.m. utility space to 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom and 1 parking car. Feel with worthiness and comfortable. All you can deserve at here
List amount
House Type Napakarn A2
Storey 2 Storey
Bedroom 3 Bedroom
Bathroom 3 Bathroom
Parking car 1 parking car
Utility space 152 sq.m.
Overall image and project progress

Location :
Karnkanok vill 10 T.Sanpakwhan, Amphoe Hangdong, Chiang Mai
Tel : 053-442424